Naughty or nice? Which team do you play for?! Our gorgeous MUA Georgia is making it so hard for us to choose whether we are Team Angel or Team Demon! Thankfully, you don't have to! To release your inner angel/demon follow the steps below to recreate this stunning look! 

STEP ONE: Using pipe cleaners, bend these into your desired shape. Then wrap in tape and begin to use a paper mache effect to add thickness to the horns. For the final layer, use white paper as a base to paint later on. Once dry, wrap wires from the ends of the horns to create a grip for the headband. 

STEP TWO: Paint - One side using the Artiste 'mother of pearl' (cream/beige/white - will also work for this!) and then the other side, black. 

STEP THREE: Once paint has dried, begin to add beads, crystals and sequins to the horns. Then, attach the horns to the headband and secure with hot glue. 

STEP FOUR: To finish the headdress, apply a velvet fabric, secured with hot glue, all over the headband. Red for the devil side, white for the angel. Lastly, decorate with flowers, crystals, beads, pearls and spikes. 

How stunning is this head piece?! It really is as simple as 4 steps to recreate! This would also make the perfect piece for a Disney's Maleficent inspired look!

Be sure to share your recreations with us by tagging and using the hashtag '#GSLOOKS' - We would love to see them!! The best looks will get shared on our Instagram!

STEP FIVE: Paint half of your face and chest red to represent the devil. Create paint drips of paint on the chest to symbolise blood. Then set in place using a red eyeshadow - This will ensure the colour lasts all day whilst providing additional depth to the look. 

STEP SIX: To finish the devil side of the face, apply detail and shading onto both the face and body, particularly on the collarbone and underneath the drips; continuing to use a red eyeshadow to do this. Lastly, add The Gypsy Shrine Valentine's glitter and love heart jewels. 


STEP SEVEN: Paint the remaining half of your face and body white and set into place using a white translucent powder. 

STEP EIGHT: Create feather shape outlines on the neck and chest, this can be done using a kohl eyeliner pencil. Add shading and depth to this by using gold, blue and brown eyeshadows; blending as you go along. 

STEP NINE: Complete the look by applying The Gypsy Shrine Ice Queen face jewels, iridescent glitter and gold chunky glitter

And ta-da! You are done! If unlike Georgia, you are more decisive on what team you play for, simply use the steps above as a guideline to help you create the same look across both sides of the face. Whether you are as sweet as an angel or as cheeky as a devil we can't wait to see which team you support - Be sure to tag us in your recreations with #GSLOOKS 

Until next time,

The Gypsy Shrine Girls x

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